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We Provide Complete Solutions To Maintenance Your Building

A building that has been used for a certain period of time, often requires repair action to maintain the quality of the building, so the building can be used comfortably for a longer time. It is very important to have the right choice of solution when it happens, we are here to answer that problem. 


The patching method is commonly used to repair various kinds of surface damage especially vertically or in the soffit area. This method can also be used for finishing work for walls and ceilings.

Floor Repair

Our floor repair materials is specially designed to repair horizontal damage in a construction such as slab.


Structural strengthening is often done to increase the flexural, shear, and axial capacity of the structure. We specialize in fiber sheet material for strengthening a structure.


Grouting is a method to repair a structure using anti-shrinkage materials.


Injection method is used to repair cracks from 0,2 - 10 mm, It is also used to repair cracks with water leaks.

Fast Setting Material

Our fast setting material is designed to be a solution for emergency repair that need to be done immediately.

Chemical Anchour

Epoxy adhesive anchoring system, it is used with a designed dispenser tool and proportional through a static mixing nozzle. The epoxy used is a high performance resin which meet or exceeds ASTM C881-90 type II standard.

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