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Polyurethane Sealant

For sealing vertical and horizontal movement joints in pre-cast concrete panels, metal curtail walls, window, door frame surrounds, other building components, pavement, road, and airport Environment with outstanding resistance to UV weathering and commonly occuring chemicals.

Asphalt Sealant

Hot poured rubber bitumen horizontal joint sealant is designed for sealing movement and construction joints in concrete pavements, floor slabs, immersed joints, including low movement expansion joints, floor joints of reservoirs, basement etc.

Silicon Sealant

Silicon-based sealant with the same characteristics of high elongation and low modulus as a neutral type. It is used for joints in highways, parking lots, bridges, and civil works. It is a product passes the us federal road-related standards and ASTM D5893

Polysuphade Sealant

Sealing movement joints in building and civil engineering structures, including superstructures, reservoirs, floors, basements and subways.

Primer For Sealant

Primer for our sealant products.

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